Make your urls Shorter, Much Shorter with is a simple url shortening service encompassing all the features commonly found with any link shortening service but with one huge added feature that other services lack. With you have the added option of creating a ‘Super Tini’, a short URL that supports reviews.


Super tini’s are designed to be super, when you shorten a link using the ‘Super Tini’ option you can create a review landing page for that tini url where people can share their thoughts about link in question.

We feel there are two great benefits to using ‘Super Tini’

Less link spam

When engaging with social media sites such as twitter, large numbers of links are shared on a daily basis. Those following you will trust the links you are posting and click them freely but with trust comes responsibility and sometimes this can be abused. By creating a super tiny those visiting the link have the opportunity to comment on the website and where fake and spam website links are posted ‘Super Tini’ gives you the opportunity to warn others away from such sites.

Centralized link feedback and reviews

You may be a social media monster but I am sure you hate having to visit numerous websites to see what people are thinking about the link you have shared. By creating a ‘Super Tini’ you have the ability to ask your viewers to review it on the tini website. Now all you need to do is bookmark the page and check back to one place for all your comments and feedback.


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