20 Examples of Mindblowing Droste Effect Photos

In this article we will talk about droste effect photo, droste is a dutch word which means a particular type of recursive image or photo. It can be easily created by using two mirrors facing each other and from designing point of view, this Droste effect can also be accomplished by using Photoshop application that can make Droste effect very inspirational and give it a very awesome look. We have collected some of very creative Droste effect photos, Go ahead and check out these cool pictures!

Frame maker droste effect

Experimenting the droste effect 2

Droste Scream


Love droste effect

Toes Droste

Droste effect I love nikon

Alex Droste

Arches droste

Can I give you a

Lost in time

A first(successful ?)step

Eddy and swirl


Mexican Droste Videoclip

Easter Eggs 2007

Help Me Out

Petaluma Museum Droste

Can you see if there is something in my eye?

Down Under Challenge 36 Entry

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