25 Beautiful Examples of Silhouette Photography

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Here is a huge collection of some amazing silhouette photos that will mesmerize your imagination. Silhouette photos are getting very popular and therefore are being used widely. Basically in Silhouette photography, your subject is seen as a black shape without detail against a brighter background.
It is the perfect opportunity for a photographer to make his/her portfolio stand out with the help of silhouette photos. You can convey emotion, mystery and mood to the viewers of your photos in a great way.
Here we have gathered 25 wonderful silhouette photos, that will sure inspire you, feel free to give you comments.

Net Work

Phuket Sunset Dance

Cable Beach Sunset


Take the plunge

Butterfly Flight

Hold me pls

Morning Launch

Textured sunset

Elemental Onslaught

Candid Silhouette

William’s silhouette

Boat Silhouette

Silhouette Cat

A little too early for you, kid

In The Blue

My Silhouette

Blue on Black woman silhouette

Silhouette of two Giraffes

Twilight Blues

Seagull Sunset Silhouette

Silhouetted Least Tern set for diving at last light


Contro Luce

Tramonto silhouette

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