17 Very Creative Examples of 3D Street Art

3D Street Art has become very popular now a days and it looks very fabulous and attractive. 3D Street Art is drawn in a very special distortion and if someone looks from one particular viewpoint it becomes the perfect 3D illusion. We are sure you have seen plenty of astonishing 3D street art, but here we are presenting 17 selected and most breathtaking pieces of 3D Street Art from around the world.

Phaeton in Salamanca

Eurostar in Belgium

Illusionary Car

Turning River Street into a river

Rexona Men Stuntcity

Meeting Mr Frog

Portable Computer was drawn on The Strand, London

3D Street Art


Fishing in Old Shanghai

Cup of Tea

Poseidon & the Trevi Fountain

Hell in London

Imaginit display in Las Vegas

Beowulf at Comicon

Iskadar in Singapore

3D street art

  1. Hermitbiker
  2. Britton

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