26 Photoshop Illustration Tutorials

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In our series of Photoshop tutorial, here’s another Photoshop illustration tutorials for you. This type of designing is mostly done in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw to get vector-like effect in the photos, but for those who do not have vector graphics software this illustration will work best to get the desire result.
For this post we have collected 26 radiant and glowing examples of Adobe Photoshop use.
Feel free to share your opinions, comments and suggestions with us.

Create a Brilliant Vector Lighter

24 Creative Hi-Res Wallpapers Only for Designers

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Wallpapers can be imaginative, innovative, inspiration and stylish. Being a designer you may need to create something original and inspiring. Today, we currently have 21 superb wallpapers created by some hard-working and dedicated designers, presenting especially for you to get some idea. You will find all sort of creative desktop wallpapers related to art, photoshop, wallpapers-illustrations and abstract design.

In A Whisper

25 Clever Typographic Logos Inspiration

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We all know very well what importance a logo has in the success of any business. It represents the most important aspect of company i.e. its commercial brand or entity. The basic concept is to proficiently represent your organization and to best describe yourself you can add an element of typography in it. The proper use of typography in a logo can successfully convey your message or idea about the product or service.
For this post, We have gathered some attractive logos that really caught my attention. We hope you’ll also find them interesting and will get some idea from that.

Don Decor

Text Based Logos

17 Very Creative Examples of 3D Street Art

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3D Street Art has become very popular now a days and it looks very fabulous and attractive. 3D Street Art is drawn in a very special distortion and if someone looks from one particular viewpoint it becomes the perfect 3D illusion. We are sure you have seen plenty of astonishing 3D street art, but here we are presenting 17 selected and most breathtaking pieces of 3D Street Art from around the world.

Phaeton in Salamanca

50 Beautiful Funny and Witty Photos

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We all believe that humor plays a vital role in ones life and make his/her life enjoyable and pleasant. If you have a good sense of humor, you’ll for sure enjoy the every second of life even if you’re sad.

The particular cognitive experience that provokes laughter and provides amusement is basically the tendency with which you can get out of the bad mode. Almost all people have the ability to be pleased, to giggle or smile at something humorous, and they want to cherish those moment again and again.

In this post, you’ll find 50 most hilarious photographs and photo-shopped artworks that we are sure you all will like. We hope this amazing collection will bring a cute smile on your lips doesn’t matter how bad your mood was. Please feel free to share your feelings about this post.