20 Amazing Photos That claiming NOT to be Photoshopped

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Photoshop is one of the most talked about software available on the internet with hundreds of posts on using it and about the photo manipulation. Mostly photos that are being photoshopped are inspirational for many other people, but today we are not talking about photoshopped images rather this post will discuss some extra-ordinary photos that look like they are being manipulated using Photoshop, but they are not. You won’t believe me? Just have a look at these 20 amazing photos and decide yourself either they are photoshoppped or not.

Playing with perspectives

Playing with perspective




Falling Up

Funky Cloud Shadows and Rays


Burn the sky

Please don’t fall, cloud

A cloud of tea

Pregnant water

Ocean Mirror

Tea break

Ball of Life

Dee blows off some steam


winter kiss II

Depth of Night


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