18 Mindblowing Conceptual Artworks by Philip Straub

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Philip’s luminous and meticulously detailed digital and traditional oil paintings have classical influences but are purely based on the fantastic. Many images are derived from the ever present surreal worlds that play out in his mind like lucid dreams throughout the day. His visions are inhabited by unique characters and filled with imaginative architecture and lush vegetation that seems to come to life, bursting with vibrant colors and dramatic lighting. Philip focuses on invoking an emotional response from his images through composition, color, light and subject matter.
In this post we have showcased some of his brilliant conceptual artworks, We hope that you like them and will be inspired by it. feel free to explore more by clicking on the images which lead to artist websites.

Dream Coat


Crossroads Color Large

Meet the Imaginaries


A Waking Dream


Walking Man

Dreaming Tree

Terradin Thecrossing


The Conjuring

Raison Detre3

Where fears roam


From out of the darkness

The Clouding

Enchanted Evening

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