Beautiful Illustrations by Denis Zilber

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Another great artist Denis Zilber who is well-known for his creative illustrations. We have collected his artwork and would like to share it with you because we think that he deserves more exposure for his great works. So here is the complete list after the jump. Hope you’ll like that. Fee free to share your comments with us.

25 Examples of Incredible Ideas and Designs

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Are you stuck with your project? Nothing is coming to your mind to make your project look fine? Need some inspiration? Here you’re at right place. We have gathered 25  fresh ideas to embellish your creativity with a number of breath taking  advertisements, product designs and concepts.
We hope you find something interesting for you in this post.  Just drop us a line here and tell us which design is your favorite, and if we have missed out your favorite one please feel free to let us know!

Tide Coffee

PS Brushes – Great Source of Photoshop Brushes

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PS Brushes has become a great source of Photoshop Brushes and has minimized the useless content to give you direct access to almost all Photoshop Brushes around the internet.


They have vast variety of Photoshop brushes that they have categorized in different categories like Abstract, Animals, Around the House, Drawings, Fractals, Grunge, Hearts, Humans, Landscapes, Music, Oriental, Outer Space, Patterns, Photos & Frames, Plants, Religious, Scratches, Shapes, Street & Misc Signs, Structural, Text & Type and War Brushes.

GetShopped – A Free WordPress Plugin For E-Commerce

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WordPress is getting popular because of its readily available plugins that make your blogging experience much easier and fun to do. GetShopped is a FRee WordPress plugin that let you append e-commerce capabilities into your websites.

Like other WordPress plugins, it is easy to use and setup plugin and fully compatible with any standards compliant WordPress theme (and WordPress MU).


With GetShopped installed on your site, you’ll get a one-page-checkout that makes your shopping process very quick. This plugin comes with many useful features like flexible coupon/discount pricing rules, product specific sales, quantity discounts, free shipping options, and multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts.
Furthermore, it also supports multiple payment providers like Google Checkout, Paypal & Payment Express. The most amazing feature is the ease of managing your orders with the help of its powerful interface. You can take print of invoices, packing slips and more.

14 Incredible CG Artworks by Reiv

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Reiv or Olivier Ponsonnet is a Bordeaux based digital artist who has been working as an expert at modeling, lighting, and texturing computer generated portraits. He is well-known for creating unbelievably realistic 3D portraits. He mostly uses 3D Studio Max to create his master pieces of artwork.
In this post, we’re presenting around 22 most amazing and incredibly computer generated portraits. We hope, you’ll like this collection. Feel free to share your comments with us.

25 Awesome Collection of Business Card Designs

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Business cards have become the most crucial element of business and formal interactions, but they are not as effective as they should be because many people and business professionals have forgotten them. A beautifully and professionally designed business card can leave a long lasting impact on your client or customer.
In today’s post, we are going to reveal some amazing and incredibly designed business cards that can say a lot about you with their unique designs. You’ll find in this post that the business cards can also have custom shapes and matte finishing along with creative design ideas. Hope you’ll like this assortment. Feel free to share your comments with other readers.

NinjaBTL business card

Wonderful Examples of Reflection Photos

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Here we have gathered some appealing Reflective Photography for your inspiration. Reflective photography revives your creativity and endows you with some fresh perspective. It can produce some very amazing photographs when combine with your unique creativity.

Here we have compiled a list of some amazing inspirational and appealing reflective photography for you. We hope that you will like them, feel free to share your favorite one with our readers.

Boat reflection

Beautiful Artworks By Maciej Hajnrich

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Maciej Hajnrich was born in 1981, living and working in Katowice, Poland. Self-taught and full-time freelance artist with five years of experience in print and webdesign. Valp has established himself as a creative digital artist – after years of experimenting and playing with imagination he has build his own style with high attention to details, colours and textures. Graphic design for Valp always was something more than just a profession.
We hope that you will like his collection of artworks, find out more about the artist and her work on

Maciej Hajnrich

Abstract Visual and Digital Art by Levi Boree

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This post is dedicated to Boree – a dyslexic artist who belongs to Jacksonville, Florida. He is simply an awe-inspiring artist who creates wonders of abstract visual and digital art.
He is well known for creating creative, mind-manifesting, psychedelic, and color-rich creations. He puts his imagination and his talent together to make his work shine. Sometime he just puts photographs on psychedelic backgrounds while sometime he creates unique abstract work. He uses colors very skillfully when blending graffiti, ocean waves and connective patterns.
Here we’re showcasing some of his outstanding work. Hope you’ll like it.

straight jacket

Levi Boree