Icons Land – The Stock and Vector Icons Heaven

Icons-Land is a fast growing and cutting-edge design studio with talented and highly qualified professionals that have strong experience in the field of icon designing. Icons-Land as it indicates deal with the Stock Icons, Vector Icons. PNG Icons, Emoticons and Custom Icon Design Service including he following:


• Logo Design
• Skin Design
• Icon Design
• Software Box Design
• Animation Design
• CD/DVD Cover Design

They provide all the vector icons in Adobe Illustrator format that can easily be rescaled to any size depending up on your requirement. Raster Icons are available in PNG format in these sizes; 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256.
The noteworthy thing is that all of these icons are exclusively unique as they have been worked out in details even the smallest one.
There are many different icons sets that cover many industries and design purposes:

There are many different icons sets that cover many industries and design purposes:

1. Base Software Icons – widely used icons in any type of software or web application

2. Hardware Icons – icons that represent different modern hardware devices


3. Transport Icons – different types of vehicles in 6 colors each, for transportation, GPS tracking, tourist industries

4. GIS/GPS/Map Icons – various icons to be used in mapping, GPS tracking, construction, tourism industries


5. POI (Points of Interest) Icons – icons that represent different points on the maps


6. Sport Icons – various sports and sport inventory


7. Weather Icons – weather icons to be used in weather related sites and software


All icons are very realistic, glossy and eye-catching because they have been designed 3 dimensionally in modern Vista Style. Furthermore, their royalty-free license allows you to allocate these icons integrated into design to unlimited number of customers in unlimited number of projects. And above all, if you couldn’t find your desired icon in the existing package, you can always order Custom Design Service.

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