KENTICO CMS For ASP.NET: An All-In-One Solution For Your Web Site And Now With Free Editon Too

Kentico CMS is a content management system for your website content that allows you to easily manage and update your website content without requiring technical knowledge. It offers a simple browser-based user interface through which you can easily add new content, images or products to your website without the need of any web designer. It is not just an ordinary content management system rather it offers some additional modules like creating online forms, sending email newsletters, selling products online, building customer communities and many others.


Kentico CMS goes beyond normal content management by offering some unique combination of stout functionality. Furthermore, it has a user friendly and easy to use interface that offers flexibility for both end users and for web developers. You can safely rely on Kentico CMS as it is being used in more than 83 countries through a network of 70 partners and up till now almost 4,000+ websites have used this system. It comes with an efficient and helpful technical support and a 7-day bug-fixing policy.
See some good examples of the Web sites on Kentico CMS:

Free Edition of Kentico CMS
You can use Kentico CMS Free Edition for commercial and personal projects. There’s no hidden fee!
Whether you build a personal blog, corporate site or a small on-line store, you can use the Free Edition for unlimited time on your live server!


Best Value and Fast Return on Investment Kentico CMS offers the best value in the mid-market CMS segment. Kentico CMS provides an excellent Return on Investment for these reasons:

• Affordable, simple and transparent licensing unlimited user licensing ensures predictable costs and wide adoption within company

• Easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface requires less training, accelle- rates adoption and allows business users to work more efficiently

• Rapid Web site development reduces development costs and shortens time to market

• Stable product with 7-day bug-fixing policy means less bugs and less troubles to your IT department and your business users

• Responsive support – Kentico answers questions within 1 business day which means you can solve issues quickly

• Many experienced partners – you can choose from hundreds of seasoned Kentico Solution Partners worldwide with extensive project experience that can ensure things are done correctly the first time. The large number of partners also ensures that you will not get locked in to a single agency.

• Complete solution from a single vendor – Kentico CMS covers all typical needs so you don‘t have to integrate several products or buy add-ons from other vendors and solve compatibility issues

Is Kentico CMS the right tool for me?
The easiest way how to evaluate Kentico CMS is to use the Virtual Lab service, which create a trial web site on our server, so you don’t have to install anything at your local PC and you can try the product online:


Other option is to download the TRIAL edition of Kentico CMS:

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