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WordPress powers millions of sites and it is rightfully considered one of the best blogging platforms. It is so popular that it even managed to start a new trend in web hosting – WordPress hosting. The number of WordPress hosts is constantly growing and even though all of them boast about offering everything you need in order to host your WordPress blog with them, there is no denying that not all WordPress hosts are equal.


Not Every WordPress Host Is the Best WordPress Host

While many WordPress hosts rightfully can qualify for a best web host award, this doesn’t apply to every single WordPress host you encounter. Many best web hosts don’t see the need to market themselves explicitly as a WordPress host, even though they do offer WordPress hosting. This means that you should be a bit attentive when looking for the best web host possible.

Make sure to choose a web hosting provider that has experience in WordPress hosting. Experience in WordPress hosting is necessary since WordPress hosting has its intricacies and you will hardly want an unexperienced provider who is learning the ropes of the business on your back. The operating system on the WordPress host, as well as the Web server and the PHP environment require special configuration in order to handle WordPress properly and this is the main reason why an experienced WordPress host is a much better option. In some cases WordPress hosting includes installation of WordPress itself but since this is not so difficult, most likely you will be able to do it on your own (or use Fantastico or a similar installer).

One of the risks with improper settings on behalf of the WordPress host pose is related to the security of your blog. If the settings are not correct, this could affect your performance in a negative way, hence leading to lots of unnecessary problems.

What to Ask Your Would-be WordPress Hosting Provider?
There are many questions you could ask your would-be WordPress hosting provider, however as you might expect, there is hardly a list that applies in all cases. Before you proceed to the specific questions regarding WordPress hosting, you need to make sure that the hosting provider you’re going to pick meets the general requirements for a good web host. These requirements include occasional downtime, reliable service and support personnel. If your would be WordPress hosting provider passes this test, here are some more specific questions you can ask:

• As a client of yours, will it be possible to install WordPress?
This question is straight to the point but you can’t skip it because if your provider doesn’t support WordPress, all the other questions are pointless.

• Do you run Windows, Linux, or both?

This question is important, if you have any reasons to favor one of the operating systems over the other. Otherwise, technically WordPress can run on either Windows, or Linux, so if your would-be WordPress hosting provider offers at least one of them, it is fine.

• Which is the version of PHP you have on your servers?
Information about the version of PHP your would-be WordPress hosting provider supports can usually be found on their site but if there isn’t such information there, you need to ask because if the version of PHP they support is different from the one you require, this is bad.

• How much experience with WordPress hosting do you have?
We have already mentioned that it is vital to choose a web host with a lot of experience in the area of WordPress hosting but as you want this info we’ve listed it here as well. Many of the best web hosts have a lot of experience with WordPress hosting it can still be a good thing asking.

As you see, choosing the right WordPress hosting provider does have its requirements. If you know these beforehand, then the job to find the right WordPress host is half way done.

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