25 Astonishing Examples of Motion Blur Photos

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When it comes to motion blur photography, most people think that only highly qualified professionals can do this. Let me tell you that you can also take pictures that showcase a motion blur in action photography. All you need to do is some adjustments in your camera and lots of practice like instead of using fast shutter speed to get motion blurred effect in your photos use very slow shutter speed. Slow shutter speed will give your photos an incredible motion blur effect.
I have collected 25 most beautiful and inspiring motion blur photos. Enjoy it!

Butterflying… little egret from bali

16 Photoshop Brushes for a Retro Style Paisley Design

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This set consists ultra high-resolution Photoshop brushes featuring paisley design, retro circles, swirls, stars, etc. These brushes were created using vector images, making these paisley design Photoshop brushes suitable even for high-resolution or large-printing designs. Created in Photoshop CS2, there are a total of 16 retro-style paisley brushes in this set. These paisley design Photoshop brushes have high resolution with size of each brush set at around 2500 pixels.


KENTICO CMS For ASP.NET: An All-In-One Solution For Your Web Site And Now With Free Editon Too

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Kentico CMS is a content management system for your website content that allows you to easily manage and update your website content without requiring technical knowledge. It offers a simple browser-based user interface through which you can easily add new content, images or products to your website without the need of any web designer. It is not just an ordinary content management system rather it offers some additional modules like creating online forms, sending email newsletters, selling products online, building customer communities and many others.


Amazing Photo Manipulations by Jan Oliehoek

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Jan Oliehoek is a Netherlands based Photo Manipulator who does not only simply manipulate pictures rather add an unexpected natural feel in it. With his God-gifted talent and diligently acquired skills, he is now able to combine the fun element with the work, and this is the most amazing thing we all should learn from him.
We hope you find something interesting for you in this post. Just drop us a line here and tell us which artwork is your favorite.

16 Amazing Game Concept Artworks by Zhu LI

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Zhu Li is a Chinese concept designer whose work brings a refreshing feel to our tired and exhausted minds. He is a creative designer that always has fun with his work and creates masterpieces of Art. He has the ability to deploy the stories in his simple artwork. Following pictures will further clarify his thoughts. Let us take a close look at these pictures.

Beautiful Examples of Nature Photography

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Here is another feast for the nature lovers who love to see the beauty of Nature. Our planet is full of beautiful places and stunning scenes that we must see at least for once but we cannot physically visit all those beautiful places in the world, here Nature Photography comes handy that has a propensity to put more importance on the artistic value of the image. Here are the examples to prove that Nature Photography brings the beauty of Nature in the most pure and immaculate way. Enjoy!


Icons Land – The Stock and Vector Icons Heaven

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Icons-Land is a fast growing and cutting-edge design studio with talented and highly qualified professionals that have strong experience in the field of icon designing. Icons-Land as it indicates deal with the Stock Icons, Vector Icons. PNG Icons, Emoticons and Custom Icon Design Service including he following:


Outstanding Digital Paintings by Daniel Conway

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Daniel Conway is a big name in the world of concept art and digital painting with his mind-blowing and staggering paintings and artwork. He is a fresh graduate from Dundee University Scotland and has been gifted with splendid abilities to create simply amazing and attention-grabbing paintings with various elements like water and fire.
Daniel has been astounding the world since 2006 with dozens of paintings and concept artwork. I am sure you would like to see have a look at his work, so here is it the master collection of his creative and unique artwork that will completely render you speechless.

DepositPhotos – A New Standard in Stock Photography

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DepositPhotos is an innovative royalty free reserve of photography with more than 900,000 photos having an addition of more than 100,000 every week. Here we have listed some of the best features of DepositPhotos, you may get benefit from:


17 Truly Bizarre Artworks By Ben Heine

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Here we have gathered some of the Great examples of Bizarre and Surreal Photos by Ben Heine who is a Belgian artist with exceptional photography skills. He has almost 8 years of experience working as a Graphic designer after completing his studies. He has a degree in journalism and he has also studied graphic arts and sculpture art.