Superb Experimental Artworks by Charis Tsevis

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Another post on Charis Tsevis Artworks, he is an Award winning visual designer and illustrator based in the sunny capital of Greece and serving prestigious clients around the globe.
In this post we have gathered some his brilliant Experimental and typographic artworks, we hope that you will like them.

African Jewel: Experimenting Neocubism

NeoCubism III

Africa 2010: A …neo-cubism experiment

Freedom 2.0 Alphat

Samuel Eto’o: Cameroon 2010

Design a wired schoolgirl

Eye Thai III

Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine

Melting Girl 1

Britney Spears: A life mosaic

Bradesco Prime: Theater

Play ball!

Circuit Girl 1

Design a Tree [?] Girl

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