40 Absolutely Fabulous Examples of Animal Photography

Let’s bring the adventure of jungle at your home with these photographs of wild and restrained animals. Animal photography is one of the most dangerous forms of photography and not everyone can take good photographs of an animal. Only a skillful photographer can take incredible shots.
In this post, we have compiled 40 mesmerizing examples of Animal Photography that takes you to the wild environment of tropical forest. Do not forget to share this adventure with others.


Diving Tiger, California

Macaque Family, Japan

Hare sitting tight

Cheetah challenge

Tchaikovsky’s alternative…

Polar Bear Tussle

Eye to Eye

Atlantic Walrus, Norway

Brian Matthews

Yawning Dog

Curious Duck

Rajan snorkelling

Andy Rouse

Boto water polo

Big cat fight

Clash of the Yellowhammers

Raindrop refresher


Rattel snake


Look… lachende Eule / laughing owl

Bathing Parrot

Yummmm, oranges!



Manatee and Fish

Tiger Cub Close-Up

Peacock, New Zealand

Japanese Macaque Swimming

Grizzly Bear Cubs

Tim Flach

The cutest animal


Beautiful eyes…

Dove in the snow flying – Canon 500d


Io no ! (anticonformismo)


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