20 Amazing Photos That Are Not Photoshopped

In this post we have showcased some brilliant photographs that look like they’re Photo-shopped but are not. These are not photo-shopped in terms of that all the objects and their actions are real, but might be edited for colors and adjustments in PS or other tools. We hope that you will like this collection, feel free to share your comments.

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Surreal but Real

Minor Paddle

Dean Potter – on the line, solo at Taft Point

Falling Up

Think Happy Thoughts, and You’ll Fly

NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. It actually came out like this.

GeorgeV wrapped building

I’ve heard of a headless horseman, but this is rediculous!

Minor Air

Big hand, little city


Faulty iBook?

Waiting autumn

What is really real? Can you trust your senses?

The Writer

A gull for every buoy.

Please don’t fall, cloud

Playing with perspective

winter kiss II

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