Customizable Search Engine – Favitt Does which other Search Engine Can’t

Many people browse internet to find out their desired information by searching it on a search engine and this is the reason why search has driven the most of the internet space. People use search engines to find out images, videos, texts, products and so on.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Ask allows you to speedily find the relevant information you are looking for. With broadband internet connection, it just requires few seconds to find out. Just type few words describing your query and enter the search button, a list of web pages will appear that contain the information you were looking for.

But what if you want to search multiple sites at once? For instance you want to search some videos on and music on and books on Amazon, what would you do? Do you open multiple browsers and then open these websites one by one? This can be very tiring as well confusing; and would be the very difficult task to perform for a novice.

The easy way to do such type of searching would be use a single search engine that lets you customize your search options so that you can choose the features you like and remove the other stuff which you don’t like.

At people have come up with this amazing solution that you were looking for ages. Here you can customize your search options so that you can choose the features yourselves and make your search experience a fun activity.

Favitt – Search Multiple Search Engines From One Page

The main thing that Favitt does is it lets you search multiple search engines with out having to open new windows – the old way to search is you search google for “ironman” but if you wanna see a youtube video of “ironman” you have to open a new window go to youtube and then type in “ironman” into youtube then choose what video you wanna watch – with Favitt you simply click the youtube link and the page re-populates with youtube videos — we should def. point out how many steps favitt saves you.

When you go to the homepage, you will see the following interface, don’t fall for the background image, you can always change it later on.

To perform a search, you just need to enter the keywords in the search box and hit the Search button. You will immediately see the search results load with results from different websites which include Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon etc. Here is how a search result page looks:


You see those links in the sidebar, just click a site’s name and Favitt will perform a search in that site and show you the results in the same page.

For example, when we searched for “Webhosting” and the Google search result page was shown (see the above screenshot), but now we want to see some videos of the Webhosting. Hence we clicked the YouTube link in the sidebar and here is what we got:


Here is what Favitt does:

  • When you do a search if there are any images, youtube videos news articles or people talking about your keyword in realtime it will show at the bottom of the search results page
  • You can upload multiple images and favitt will shuffle your pic daily
  • You can re-arrange the order of the search engines
  • You can add links to your “favorite sites” and delete the default links
  • You can re-arrange the order of your “favorite links”
  • You can replace the favitt log with your own and link it back to any site you want
  • On all search results page the list of search engines are on the search bar and on the left side of the search page – to make it easy for people to choose the SE they want
  • On all search results page your links to your favorite sites are on the left hand side
  • On the search results page – the persons image is the header – plus the results scroll under the header so you can always see your pic and it’s easier to type in a new keyword cuz the search bar is always visable
  • When you upload an image you can move the search bar (this is so it not covering someone eyes)
  • The search results page has a share button – so not only can you share your favitt homepage but if you find an interesting search result, you can share it with your friends

Signing up for a Free account with Favitt


Signing up for a free Favitt account has it’s own advantages. First, you can add your favorite sites as bookmarks and these bookmarks appear in the home page for quick browsing. The site is completely free to use so let’s try it to easier your life.


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