20 Awarded Illustration Print Ads

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Our today’s post consists of some inspirational and interesting Illustration Advertisements, which you do not see usually. These product ads are simply out of the usual run of things. Won’t believe it? Just have a look at these ads!

Dandruff Trails, Escapade

Desinfex: Duel

Lado B: Motel

AACD: Help us, 3

NAVIA Satellite Navigation Systems: Cologne

INEN Cancer Prevention Center: Shave

Coaching-canin.com – Dog training school: Barbecue

Colgate Total Floss: Toothpick

Abdul Skateboarding: Halfpipe

Adesf: War, 1

Funslippers: Bunnies

Mayo Draft FCB: Material

Zeuss Home Foodz: Johnny

Beta: Smoke

13E Rue The Crime Channel: The seven deadly sins

Alka Seltzer: Prison

Brazilian Red Cross: Donate

Toshiba: Lottery

Clinic All Clear: Buildings

Adidas China: Basketbal

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