Sexy Examples of Kinetic Typography

You must have seen the words which are flying across the screen of your computer, stacked type, motion blurs, and alternating depth of field… what really defines this is the Kinetic Typography which is more than just putting the text into motion, for an excellently executed kinetic typographic, all it needs is your skills that you creatively you display that emotion within the sampled audio. It is not just timing the text, size and fonts; you have to be very keen and detailed-oriented.
Here, we are presenting some amazing example which illustrates kinetic typography so that you can learn something from them. Enjoy!

Social Life, With Friends

Jet: Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Kinetic Typography – Live Out Loud

Duck and Cover


Fight Club – Chemical Burn

kinetic typography of human rights

Who’s on First? Typography

James Brown: Superbad

Pick U Up – Adam Lambert

Kill Bill

Portal: Still Alive

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