How to Get Benefited From VPS?

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VPS or Virtual Private Server, sometimes also referred as Virtual Dedicated Server is a complete system where you acquire a server and separate it into smaller self-sufficient servers which work on their own operating system and environment although have the same hardware in common.
It is a unique hosting environment which comes with benefits of both – shared and dedicated hosting. It acts as a dedicated server and makes you feel like that you are using a dedicated server but cost you as much as a shared server does. So it is a two-in-one hosting package.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is an ideal choice for all those small websites’ owners who want a dedicated hosting environment with special hosting features for better security and customization, such as custom firewalls, SSH access, dedicated IP addresses, but cannot actually afford a dedicated server.

Privileges of VPS

The best thing about VPS is its dedicated server like features which will make you feel that you are actually using a dedicated server but in actual, you are not. Apart fro them, it does not cost you huge fortune.

Other benefits include its unique file system which ensures better security and performance of your website. This is because each private server has its own file system which guarantees dedicated disk space, CPU power, bandwidth, and memory. This means that sites hosted on VPS are free from the risks of downtime or hacks as a result of other’s mistakes.

Moreover, VPS does not distribute web application and services with other websites. You can also customize the server as you would do on a dedicated server.

Highly Cost Effective

Since VPS is not actually a dedicated server and is shared between many users, it costs only a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server but offering the same level of flexibility.

What to look for when choosing a VPS?

There are many factors other than the pricing that you should keep in keep in min when shopping a VPS for your website. First thing is that your VPS must be easy to communicate. This means 24 hours, 7 days a week customer support must be available because a web host who is eager to pay attention and provide accommodation to your particular needs is very essential.

Second most important thing is that VPS provider should allow you hardware customization. Do not opt for the web hosts offering only ‘standard’ plans because it produces difficulty in future upgrades.

Last but not the least, you may be asking yourself if VPS is right option for you or not? The answer is yes, because when you website will grow, you cannot afford the price of a dedicated server. For this reason, many webmasters perceive VPS the same as the dedicated private server.

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