Faces of Poverty : 33 Arresting Photography

This post is really something different and unique in terms of creativity and the imagination. Following we have collected some unique photographs. These photos do not belong to nature and other commonly taken objects rather these are the photos of poverty and poor people.
You may seem this assortment as a collection not carrying beautiful photos, but in real they do posses real beauty, the beauty of the human soul and the beauty of the desire of survival under such wretched situations.
I expect you like this assortment and will share your opinion via comment box if you have the same opinion about the real meaning of creativity.

Handle With Care

I could shoot you too… (but I don’t have a camera..)


Paano Bukas?

Wrinkles telling a life story


Boy, urchin, rogue…

…las migajas de la mesa


Eyes Of Sadness

No Smile


Bodhgaya, INDIA

Poor Girl

The Patience of the Sick

Dark Future

Face of Poverty



Essence of poverty II


the effects of poverty

Poverty I

Street children of the Philippines

Orphanage Bon Samaritain


Starving Boy and Missionary

The Last Nomadic – 11

Index Shows ‘Alarming’ Hunger in 29 Countries

Steung Meanchey, Phnom Penh – Chai and his treasure

City garbage dump , Phnom Pehn, Cambodia


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