40 Mindblowing Dual Monitors Desktop Wallpapers

There is a new trend growing among developers and designers that they are using dual monitors i.e. a setup of two monitors. This is because of the reason that the prices of LCD monitors are dropping day by day, that lets people especially designers and developers to achieve more spacious desktop.
If you’re also using a dual monitor set and want to embellish your desktop to make the most out of them. This post is for you! Here, we’ve compiled more than 70 beautiful and exotic dual monitors desktop wallpapers that stretch across two monitor screens and look really cool!

Boy & Butterfly

Sunlight in a dark forest


Bright Ideas

Beach Paradise

Dual Screen Majestic Sunset Horizon


West Lake At Sunset

Three Brother Wolves

The Stare


White Tiger

The Big Reveal

WideScreen Dreamy World 11th

Sunset Over Moorea

Blue Forest

Pier To Nowhere



Michaux State Forest

Reflected Beauty

Glacier National Park wallpaper

Dual Screen Wonderest Mountain


Victoria Falls

Oirase Gorge

Maroon Bell

Deep Silence

Close up of lady bug on leaf

Dawn on Earth

Actual photo of solar flares

The end

The next morning

“Homeworld” space scene

Stream ending into the ocean

Summer lightning storm

Highland spring


DeepSky 12


Utah Village

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