35 Wonderful Ice Sculptures from Around the World

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In this post we have gathered some of beautiful and inspirational ice sculptures around the world, Ice sculpture is basically a form of sculpture that uses ice as the raw material. let’s take a look at this wonderful project. You will surely be mesmerized.

Brightly-lit ice sculpture

ice Colosseum

Ice sculptures

Ice Sculptures 2010 – Dragons


Ice Sculpture – Boston Common, New Year’s Eve 2009

Ice City

26th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

Ice structures large and small light up a park

Ice art Stop Motion

Ice Griffin

Ice sculpture-Eiffel tower

Ice Dancer

Ice Sculpture-4

Iceworld 020

Life size deer with delicate antlers

Beautiful abstract carved from a single block of ice.

The lighting coupled with the texture of this snail make for an exquisite sculpture

Unbelievably detailed sculpture of a carriage and it’s passengers.

Fantastic ice castles

Ice sculptures 7

Vimy of Ice II

Ice sculptures. Jelgava 2010

Icy Egypt


Ice Sculpture

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