21 Creative and Bizarre Shoes Design for your Inspiration

In today’s world of fashion and trend, shoes have also become an important aspect of fashion attributes which demonstrate unique personality characteristic of a person. This is the reason why many people now opt to wear exclusively and speculatively designed shoes which have been specially created in such a way that they stay in the eyes of beholders even with just a single glance.
Here we have gathered some of these unbelievable, imaginative, creative, innovative, weird and bizarre shoes for your inspiration.

Futuristic Shoes

Barefoot sneaker


Wire Sculpture: Wireframe Heels

Inspired by Gun

Opel Car Shoes

Grass Flip Flops



Hoof Shoes


Carbonfibreshoe #2

Miami Vice Shoes Inspired by Gun

Tolnaftate Cream Advertisement

Feet Shoes

Sling-Shot’ shoes

Long Shoes

Flower shoes


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