15 Strange and Bizarre Sculptures

Every body loves sculptures and wishes to take a photo with them. Many sculptures are not alone and have some one with them either. If you want to look awesome sculptures without any being around the world you may run through this list with high sense of art. This post is comprises of a list of 15 astounding and strange sculptures around the world. Come and have inspiration with them.

Touching a red sky

Vomiting Fountain Sculpture (London, UK)

Upside Down Charles La Trobe Statue (Australia)

Device to Root Out Evil

Traffic Light Tree

Engagement Rings

Skeletons In Love

Giant Tap

un elephant ├ža se trompe enormement

Guy on a bicycle, Chile

Device to Root Out Evil, Vancouve

Mystic Carhenge near Alliance

Passing through the wall

Rusty Men, London, UK


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