30 Outstanding Human Inspired Photo Manipulation

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Face of a human being is not just index of mind even it can be a canvas for an artist. And it is not only for painting but for photo editing as well. Here in this post we have gathered manipulated photos. Manipulating these sort of photos by vector or raster photo editing software make these photos more impressive and dynamic and gives a different look.
So when we saw this type of photos we decided to collect a unique collection of these manipulated photos. We are very much hopeful that you will admire them at all.

Inside Head


Stress Thinking


10 20 40

Illustrations part 1



Poster for a Music Producer

Grazia, Graziella e Grazie al Cazzo!


after 10 pm

Gone with the wind – Photoshop case study

Gest0ert’s Manipulation

Adidas: Derrick Rose

Colorful nature sounds

Digital Skin

design collage

f7 (166)

Will I Am

Passement Rapid

Dragon Within

Life Stories 1

Lebron James – Nike

Creatio ex Nihilo


From Dust to Damnation


Imagination Version: ICE


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