Beautiful Black and White Typography

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Typography is most important content for a design. Many times it is more effective than design. If you are a designer you must be fond of new ones styles for typography and looking for them. In different colorful or designed typography you can easily distinguish black and white. This sort of typography is really unique and eye-catching so we have decided to gather a good variety of incredible black and white typography. We hope that you will admire them very much.

Smoke Type

Creative & Funny Outdoor Advertisement Designs

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Sometimes Outdoor advertisement indulges, amuse and bring smile onto the lips if it is witty. This sort of advertisements gives their notice on a busy street when you are driving or on foot. Many of products reach to their customers through creative, funny and sometime ridiculous outdoor advertisements and give wonderful favor about them with smile or laughter you.
Here in this post we have gathered a wonderful selection of creative examples of funny outdoor advert designs to enhance your inspiration and curiosity. We hope that you will admire them at all.

What makes a truly unique Web host

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I had the pleasure of evaluating Planet Earth Hosting recently and I must say that they really are different and certainly surpassed my expectations. Unlike the traditional business, here we have a business that not only cares for their own clients but takes a step further to give back to the world. They give portion of the sales from all shared hosting packages to Unicef and ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ foundation. They are also currently offering hosting services located at an all green energy datacenter located in Pennsylvania powered by 100% wind energy.

Outstanding Artworks by Francois Leroy

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Some graphic designer works with detail and gives an explosive feel to their viewers. Francois Leroy a French Graphic Designer is one of them. His great art works have masterful professionalism with stunning beauty of works. You will admire his talent in photo manipulations and typographic designs as well.

Beautiful Flowers Photography to brighten your Day

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Of course this is truly creative to have images with adorable beauty of flowers captured with vibrant colors. They are always declared innovative effort and actually those photographers are really eligible to appreciate who photograph them. In fact we have collected a masterful variety of adorable beauty of flowers to give you great inspiration about nature. We are sure that you would not ignore these all photographic wonders at all. Please come up to them and enjoy with pleasure.

You Drive me Crazy

25 Unbelievable Photos That Look Altered but Aren’t

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Some say that imagination is greater than reality; this is not unbelievable many times it happens in life likewise. But some time reality is contrary and looks like imagination. It means that we are producing a unique type of photographs to feed your inspiration and curiosity.
Yes in this post we have come across a creative variety of stunning photographs examples that are not faked as they look. We hope that you will admire this little effort with enormous tries.

Energy – Man and Nature Connected

Cutest Examples of Snoozing Animals Photography

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To have good snooze there is no need of any sleeping pills. Don’t be surprised in fact we are producing some cute examples of snoozing animals before you. You may think that what they are dreaming; may be some kind of food or a calm place to have a good sleep. Anyway whatever they are dreaming, here in this post we have come across a cute variety of snoozing animals images. We hope that they will admire you at all.

I am a Rock…….

Tremendously Captured Fog Photography

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Fog ever produces illusions and suspicions in the eyes. Sometimes it creates new experiences in the way of life. There are many ways to capture fog into the eye of camera. You may see them clearly onto the photographs on the bridges, on the roads, across the sky and everywhere you wish. This is really a unique way of photography.
So to give you some images of fog we have come across a variety of captured fog photography. We hope that you will admire them at all.

UK – Oxford – Christchurch Meadow in fog

Amazing Photography by Le Creative Sweatshop

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Le Creative Sweatshop is the result of the encounter between Ndeur and Make a Paper World in January 2009: a conceptual agency based of modern communication means and mediums, through the lens of the DIY culture, working on volume and space scenography.
In this post we have gathered some of amazing experimental photography, we hope that you will like this collection.

20 Creative Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

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The importance of an icon comes out when see a good looking and inspiring icon of any website. In the view of professionals, icon is a hallmark of any website or application that has ability to grab attention at all. Some say it must be related to site theme and it is approximately correct. Likewise all know about the power of social bookmarking specially the bloggers. It’s very much essential to have striking social bookmarking icons matching with a website theme so that icon can get attention of visitors for bookmark a page.
In this post we have decided to come across a variety of creative social bookmarking icon sets. We are cocksure that they will admire you at all.

Free Robotic Social Media Icons Set