A Brief History of the iPad – Infographic

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The iPad was introduced to the U.S. market in April 2010. In just over four months, the iPad reached 51 billion in sales- the fastest ever for a consumer device.
The ipad 2 continues the tradition by posting strong sales after its introduction in March 2011. Read on to learn about the improvements in the next generation iPad2.

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Stunning Collection of Black and White Logo Design

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A logo is an emblem or the visual representation of the business. Although a logo is a small graphical element but without doubt is of great importance. Simple logo designs are always proved to be the most effective and powerful whether in terms of color selection or concept.
Here is an exclusive showcase of over 40 most innovative black and white logos designed by Province Design Studio. This assortment showcases how these two simple colors compliment each others and make the result look simply fabulous. Do let us know which logo design you find most inspiring?


Truly Breathtaking Examples of Silhouette Photography

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Here is an inspirational and motivational collection of 45 spectacular examples of Silhouette Photography that will surely captivate you with their stunning results. When it comes to conveying obscurity, tragedy, and emotion through photographs, Silhouette Photography is considered to be the bets choice.

Many photographers all over the world are using Silhouette Photography to make their portfolios stand out among the rest. With Silhouette Photography, a photographer can demonstrate his aptitude and skill level. Here is the full list after this jump. Enjoy!

Moon Glow

Moon Glow

30 Creative and Stunning Ad/Marketing Agency Websites

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Since advertising and marketing companies rate themselves on the top in creative work, so it is quite obvious to expect their website show the same level of creativity. A website is the first things that get noticed first by the potential clients; and since the clients are expecting advertising companies to be creative therefore it is quite important for advertising companies as well to create visually alluring and creative website.
Here is the showcase of 30 creative and inspirational websites of advertising and marketing companies to inspire you. Enjoy!


20 Useful Mac Applications for Creative Professionals

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In this day and age, Mac is the most popular operating system among the designers and coders. Although it is not as popular as Windows operating system but no one can deny its huge impact in the designing arena.
Keeping this in mind today we have assembled a list of 20 awe-inspiring Mac applications for the designing community and artistic professionals. These applications not only help you in your designing projects but also let you create and send invoices, edit text and set tasks as well.


40 Beautifully Designed Single Page Websites

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One Page Layouts was one of the most adopted trends of 2010 and 2011 and keeping this in mind, we have made this assortment of various truly fresh examples of one page websites to inspire you. Designing one page website layout is something that really challenges your creativeness.
So to satisfy your creativity hunger and let you absorb some new flair, here is a compilation of some colorful, minimalist and amazingly creative websites. Get pleasure from the list and choose your favorite.


Beautiful Photo Manipulations by Luis Beltran

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In this post we have gathered some outstanding photo manipulations of Luis Beltran. He is 36 years old photographer, based in Valencia, Spain, we hope that you like this beautiful collection.

Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings

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Abstract art is an interesting form of art that makes use of visual language of form, color and line. These elements create an interesting work of art that stays alive with a scale of independence from visual references in the world.
We have collected some dazzling examples of abstract art and paintings by the world famous artists. We hope that this collection will inspire you.

A thousand faces

10 Ultimate Android Applications for Photography

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Android mobile phones are launched by Google and have taken up relatively large mobile phones marketplace. This is because Android mobiles are very competitive and offer almost everything that an iPhone offers.
The platform of Android mobiles allows developers to unleash their development skills, and this is the main reason why mobile market is excessively filled with Android Applications. Here, we have also assembled 10 decisive and most amazing Android Photography Applications that will take your mobile photography experience to the new and exciting level.


The award winning photo editor for Android. Spice up the pictures on your mobile phone and share them with your friends.

Photo Album Organizer

Photo Album Organizer will copy selected pictures on your phone into a new photo album that you create. It creates quick albums on your phone for better viewing. Your photo albums are available in external photo viewing apps like Gallery.

Photoshop.com Mobile

Get fun mobile photography and great Adobe quality with this award-winning photo editing and sharing app.

PRO Paint Camera

Love Photo Frames


Camera Fun Pro

Camera Zoom FX

Fast Camera


35 Fantastic Examples of Fisheye Photography

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Another roundup on incredible and outstanding photography shots to inspire you more! This post is featuring more than 40 excellent shots of fish eye photography. This kind of photography requires use of a particular lens to generate really strange but innovative perspective. The outcome photographs are totally different from those taken with an ordinary lens; and therefore captivate the onlookers for a relatively longer period of time.

Carnival From Inside