Arresting Examples of Lightning Photography

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Here we are showcasing an outstanding post of some extremely dramatic and jaw-dropping examples of Lightning Photography. No doubt that capturing such remarkable shots takes a photographer to level three in terms of photography challenges. This is because chasing the storm with your lens is not at all easy as you do not know when and where lightening will strike, so you have to anticipate with full concentration.
Take a look at these electrifying shots of lightning photography and do share it with your peers. Also do not forget to drop me a comment to let me know what you feel about this post.

Sparky Shortgrass Prairie

Lightning Crashes

Take THAT, France



Passage of No Return

EI Brujo-antes


Philip Schexnayder

Night Thunderstorm

Twas a dark and stormy night

Lightning Show in Nevada

A close one

Single Double Strike

Extreme Ways

Gewitter am Lago Peten

I Gave You Power

Lightning in the Cinder Hills

Lightning Strike

Lightning Dance

Cloud Lightning

Flash 1

Clear Air

Graboid @ Rush Valley, Utah


Pooped Myself

Budweiser Storm

Get giggly with it

House on a Hill

St Aug Sand and Thunderstorm


Nature’s Fireworks

Great Salt Lake, Utah Pissed off Mothership

Dangerous Sunset

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