25 Beautiful and Free CSS and Flash Templates

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People who are not much familiar with website coding always look for some ready-made website templates that they can use. This is the reason why free website templates are so valuable. Having a free website template not only allows you to create your own very personal website without even requiring any technical knowledge but also does not charge you anything.
Here, we have gathered some high quality free website templates that have been shared by well-known companies and experienced designers. We took these templates from Templatemo.com which is a great source of free CSS templates.
All the templates are free to download, edit or modify. You can even use them in your commercial projects without any restriction. Enjoy!

CSS Templates

298 neo blog

297 biz theme

296 soft round

295 floral beige

294 wall shelf

292 red top

290 corner

288 green field

285 pinky

282 building

281 chrome

278 cafe bakery

276 wooden strip

273 christmas red

258 big city

Flash Templates

242 mini tour

241 multi scroller

238 3d spiral gallery

235 thumbnail spread

229 accord

221 estate

220 nature

218 s shape

211 horizon gallery

214 accordion

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