Useful Photoshop Lighting Effect Tutorials

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Finding out some help when you indeed need it sometimes can be extremely painful, particularly if you have something in your mind and you’re not able to bring it into practice. This is where tutorials step in and take control. Mostly designers search for Photoshop tutorials because Photoshop is the most amazing designing tool that allows designers to make their imagination come true.
Here we have compiled a collection of extremely amazing and most-wanted Photoshop Tutorials every designer must go through with. This collection is based on Photoshop Lighting effect Tutorials that can be used in the variety of design related tasks.

Achieve Brilliant Lighting Effects in Photoshop

Use custom brushes in Photoshop to create energy and light effects

Add Brilliant Light Effects to Your Work with Photoshop

Create A Futuristic Photo Illustration With Photoshop

How to Make Vibrant Cosmic Light Effects in Photoshop

Create a Grungy Scene with Colorful Lights in Photoshop

Combine Renders and Light Effects for Awesome Results

Making a Color Wizard in Photoshop

Create A Speeding Car Scene With Light Effects In Photoshop

Create a Glowing Light Painting Effect

Light and Glow Effect In Photoshop

Cool force field tutorial in photoshop

Create a Burning Man with Laser Ropes in Adobe Photoshop

Egg Planet. Fantastic globe photo manipulation

Create A Glowing Extreme Wallpaper in Photoshop

Make an Apple Coldplay Style Ad in Photoshop


Creating light motion trails & glowing sparks

Super Fast

Flying Girl in Photoshop


Create a magical rainbow color flame in Photoshop

Add A Sparkle Trail To A Photo

Swirl Mania in Illustrator & Photoshop

Abstract image

Northern Lights

Design a Coldplay/Apple Inspired Portrait in Photoshop

Magic lighting effect in Photoshop

Light Beam

Light Effects

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