Doculicious: A Killer Web Service to Generate PDF Files from Web Forms in Minutes!

Doculicious is a new service best suited for those who want to add web forms to their websites that can generate PDF files so that whenever a visitor fills out the form, he gets a printable PDF documents while the information is securely stored in the webmaster’s account. Furthermore, a notification is sent to the webmaster whenever a visitor fills out a form so that he can start to process it straightaway. This feature of Doculicious helps in easy tracking, managing and processing form entries. Implementing Doculicious to your website does not demand any considerable structural change to the way a business is run. was launched by a husband and wife team named Chris Carpenter and Yun Song, who reside and work in Sydney, Australia and was previously running a small business of consultation and development work. The website was first launched in November 2008 as an application that allows people to create formatted, graphical documents in their browser. The intention was to make this chore as easy as filling out a web form.
Doculicious provides an easy way to create and embed PDF files on your website eliminating the use of static PDF files that require clients to download, print or handwrite them. This not only does make the life of webmaster easier but also their customers’.


Let us have a look at some key features that you get with Doculicious. First and foremost thing is the creation of web forms that generate PDF documents within minutes. With Doculicious, you can even upload your existing PDF forms that will be converted to web forms without any effort and technical knowledge required. Furthermore, Doculicious comes with a web based WYSIWYG tool that helps you design and build your web forms according to your needs.
Another feature that sets Doculicious apart from others is its ability to email generated PDF files to you and multiple custom addresses as well. When using Doculicious to create web forms, you do not have to worry about getting it embedded in your website because the web forms created by Doculicious can easily be embedded on any site. Such forms generate PDF files when filled in and submitted.

There are free and paid subscriptions available at Doculicious. Creating a free account is a good way to check the services before paying for it. Using Doculicious to create web forms is simple, safe and secure.

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