Wazala Online Ecommerce Service : The Best Store Front For Your Website Or Blog

Wazala provides services that make the procedure of getting paid as simple as possible. With Wazala, you can easily sell online almost anything without a lot of upfront costs or efforts that are the basis of making money online. Adding a shopping cart to your ecommerce website is crucial in order to sell online and earn money and somehow it is the most difficult aspect of developing an ecommerce website. Wazala not only makes it easy even for a novice but also an affordable chore. Now, you can add a shopping cart to your ecommerce website and can even choose other more complex ecommerce services without even paying tons of fortune. You can create your own online store to sell goods and services online.

Here are some points that make Wazala stands out from the rest:

Unlike other ecommerce solution providers, Wazala lets you choose a custom name for you online store page and this is the point that takes Wazala off. This means you are not restricted to get the domain name having wazala.com in it but you can have your very own custom domain name for more professional approach. With Wazala, you cannot only add a shopping cart to your ecommerce website and sell online but can also integrate Wazala to your blog and to even facebook. Adding Wazala to your website does not require you to be a rocket scientist rather a beginner with no coding knowledge can also do it.

Moreover, Wazala comes with an elegant design that goes well with any website theme or layout. This means you do not have to worry about your shopping cart getting out of the theme of your website. Furthermore, the store that you add with Wazala, when clicked, opens as a light box over your website that looks visually alluring. You can also embed the store into a web page and can also add it to your shopping cart buttons.

Now, once you integrate Wazala with your ecommerce website, you can easily sell your goods and services online be it digital products or shippable goods, you can sell online whatever you want from the same store. There is another point that sets Wazala apart from other similar services and this is limiting the numbers of times a buyer can download a digital product and allowing store owner to set an expiry date. In addition, Wazala also allows song previews that help you hear the song before you purchase it.

For those who want to take Wazala to their mobile phones can take advantage of the Wazala Touch which is a mobile ecommerce experience provided by Wazala. It comes with a highly optimized mobile look that gives the feel for the store i.e., App like. Smart phones such as iPhones and Androids are well optimized with touch gesture and app like feel.

Social integration and recommendation engines are also coming very soon that help you keep engaged in the social arena. For more information, visit http://www.wazala.com/


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