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Flixya is a Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Program that offers legitimate opportunities to make money online.  It is a social networking site that lets you earn 100% revenue share through Google Adsense. With Flixya, you can easily make money online by monetizing and sharing your own content. Flixya has recently announced the release of its new site upgrades i.e. Flixya v3.0 that leverages the Google AdSense API and also features a modernized interface and a long list of vital improvements that help you easily publish your content, increase your revenue potential and rapidly distribute your content over social media sites.

In 2006, Flixya was originated as a video sharing site which then broadened its spectrum by getting incorporated in other forms of media and gained momentum and popularity. Today, Flixya is listed in the top 3,000 Alexa ranking with more than 500,000 registered members. It is a free self-publishing platform that comes with a number of social networking features that allow you share your content easily.

While working with Flixya, you need not to rely on Flixya for your payments rather you will directly get paid by Google Adsense which is the official advertising program of Google. The earning depends on the ad clicks and impressions. For those people who do not have Google Adsense account, Flixya offers an easy and quick way to set up Google Adsense account. For those who already have an AdSense account, they can easily link it to their Flixya account for monetization in less than 10 seconds.

Signing up at is easy and painless and you can monetize your account with Adsense as soon as you upload at least 10 content that may include image, blogs and videos. Your earning depends entirely on your work and dedication. The more content you share, the more visitors you will get and hence more chances of improving your AdSense earning. The key is to keep sharing unique and interesting content and never ask anyone to CLICK because asking your friends to click on your ads or any other such fake way to enhance your AdSense earnings is against AdSense Program Policies and therefore is a BIG NO NO. For more information, visit

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