Showcase of Beautiful Landscape & Scenery Paintings

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Painting is an art of using different colors and pigments on the canvas in such a way that it can attract the onlookers. A painter can express his feelings and his frame of mind. In this roundup, we have compiled some very cool naturalistic and representational paintings.
All these paintings that we have listed below are created by very talented artists. You can seek inspiration from these paintings. Do not forget to share your comments with us.

Welcome to the Wormworld

Mirror of Memories By Tom Hussey

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In this post we have gathered an unusual collection of photos created by Texas photographer Tom Hussey for “Reflections” campaign ran by one pharmaceutical company. Mirror of Memories is a series of pictures that show the young reflections of older people.

Popular Movie Scenes Expressed by Typography

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Here is a very inspirational collection of typography that expresses the most popular movie scenes. Movies exhibit the power of human mind and its creativity. These are not the source of entertainment only but cal also be taken as the source of inspiration.
Here, we have presented some examples of amazing typography that shows how the art of typography can be used to communicate any emotion. I am sure, you must be thrilled to browse through this post, so without any further ado, here is the full collection after this jump.

V for Vendetta in Kinetic Typography

Shopping Cart Options for Developers

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Shopping cart is the most crucial element of any ecommerce website that lets the customers pick their favorite items as the one they want to buy from the online shopping store. There are number of choices available if you want to build an ecommerce website that may work for you in different circumstances.
Availability of so many options means there is no right or wrong solutions, just the options to choose from. Here, 18 different options are summarized that you must want to have a look at. These options not only provide you with detailed information but also point you in the right direction as well.


Showcase of Inspirational Designs for Nike

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Nike is the brand that is identified by the masses and chances are there that one day you will own your own pair of Nike’s. Although Nike has had its disagreement in the past but now you cannot set off a day without viewing that well-known little “swoosh”.
In this roundup, we have collected some of inspirational designs related to Nike. We hope that this collection will inspire you. Speak up your mind and do let us know your favorite design.

Nike Laser

10 Real Time Web Analytic Services

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Analytic tracking codes are embedded in every website in order to track down the traffic of that website. Without these codes, you can never come across the favorite web page of your visitors and can never know their details.
The most commonly used web analytic service is Google Analytics which is very popular because of its effectiveness available at no cost. But there are some other web services that provide you with real time results much better than the Google Analytics. Here is the complete list!


Find Reliable Web Hosts with WebHostingClue

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One of the most difficult businesses to be in is Web Hosting. Loads of hard work and effort go in to this business. Today, there are almost thousands of web hosting companies available in the World Wide Web that makes it very difficult for the users to find out a reliable and best web hosting.

Free High Quality Dirty Wall Textures

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Any web design looks incomplete without the texture, that’s why designers pay loads of attention when it comes to choosing the texture for the design. With a little pinch of creativity, textures can make a lifeless design look simply stunning.
For now, we are showcasing 15 free but high-quality Grungy wall textures. Since these are absolutely free to use, you can use these textures for your next project without any limitation.
Feel free to download and share these textures to your friends. Enjoy!

Dirty wall

13 Great HTML5 Web Based Apps For Designers

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HTML5 is the newest technology introduced by Apple that has been getting very popular among developers and designers. For the designing fraternity, HTML5 is like a powerful weapon that they can use to create appealing and innovative web based applications.
Although, there are so many tools available on the net for the designers and developers; but finding out a free and high-quality tool is a big challenge. In this assortment, we have shared 13 best and high-quality web based HTML5 tools that every designer and developer is looking for. Enjoy!

CSS3.0 Maker

Showcase of Indescribable Game Artwork

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If you’re seeking some great ideas no matter for what purpose it is, you have come to the right place. This post is based on 30 indefinable 3D game artwork pieces that we have collected from the DeviantART galleries just to inspire you.
Game concept art always provide a good head start as it is filled with loads of vivid color schemes, fascinating patterns and a variety of characters. This post showcases an attractive compilation of 30 inexpressible 3D game artworks that will surely inspire you.

Dominance War IV – Moth