Stunning Examples Of Macro Photography

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Macro photography, as it takes close up shots, requires a particular type of lens that can concentrate sharply even on a small area. The thing that stands out most about the Macro photography is its amazing feature of revealing a totally different world. With Macro photography, we can see the world that is crammed with the wealth of details that generally goes unseen by the bare eye.
Here is a compilation of some really wonderful macro photographs from various photographers. Click the images to see larger versions of the photographs.

Banded Demoiselle


Bearded Dragon


Fraid it rained today


Lasius Flavius


Life Under Our Feet

Blue Smoke


Contraluz Mosca Asesina

Eye of the needle

Dropside down

Recently at the fairytale forrest

Mr. Attitude


Flower in a drop

A Sea of Stars

Leon Baas

Summer refreshment


Stapelia leendertziae flower macro

Beauty of rust

Dew Drop


Jenn’s Eye

Micro fireworks

Spiral Time

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