Useful Icon Sets for Minimal Style Web Design

Minimal web design demands lots of hard work and a creative approach to create all-encompassing effect by using the least possible elements. The choice of right style of icon set that matches with the design is extremely crucial for a minimal web design. Furthermore, icon set must possesses neat layout, modest use of color and few design elements.
Since designing such icons requires lots of time, it always makes sense to find out some icon sets on the net rather than creating your own.
Here are some of the most excellent icon sets for this type of design style. Hope, you will like it.

Mnml Icon Set

Devine Icons

Huge Set of Minimal Icons

30 Free Vector Icons

Free hand pointer icons

Free Minimal Icon Set


Ecqlipse 2

Mini Pixel Icons

EUSMIS minimal icon set

Toolbar Icons

165 Lovely Vector Icons

135 Free Vector Icons

Diagona Icons

Silk Companion

Default Icon


UIDesign Icons

Devine-Icons Part-2


Pictodeck Icon Set


Two Tone Icons

Mini Icons

Kostenlose Icons


330 Free Letter Pressed Icons

DOT Pictograms

Pixeley Icon


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