Dolphin: The World’s Most Advanced Free Community Software

Dolphin is a classy mixture of different scripts, servers and apps. It is an open-source and free software package that you can easily customize in order to build social networks, dating websites and other communities. Here you can download different social networking templates, dating scripts, PHP community scripts, Flash plugins, Adobe AIR and Mobile apps.

Dolphin is a highly scalable, full-features integrated and independent community software that lets you launch your website, customize it the way you want and then let you watch it growing. In addition to that, you will be offered huge discounts, pre-installed Dolphin and many specialized services for BoonEx clients.

Dolphin not only is a free dating software but it also offers dating templates that help you keep your project in your full control. Dolphin goes beyond other ordinary dating software by offering unlimited PHP source codes in an unencrypted format that lets you easily add and integrate different custom designs and features to your website. There is also a huge range of different community site script that you can use.

Furthermore, you can host Dolphin on your own server so that you will have complete control over your community website members and their content. This is the most important feature that no one else in the market offers.

With Dolphin, you can easily and effortlessly promote your brand, serve your ads and add new features. All these features make your website an ideal one and let you get good amount of money if you ever want to sell it.

Dolphin is an all-in-one bundle of all the software and marketing tools that you need to construct the community site of your dreams. It offers you world most feature rich community software system that you can customize according to your brand.

Dolphin is designed keeping future in mind so that you do not have to worry even if your community size grows to tens of millions of members or even some new technology becomes fashionable. This is because of the fact that Dolphin is scalable, fast and tested on tens of thousands of online communities and social networks.


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