Useful jQuery Tooltip Plugins and Tutorials for Your Design

Although there are many ways to enhance user experience and usability of a website but out of them jQuery Tool-tips really stands out. jQuery Tool-tips quickly furnishes useful information, clues and tips that help the users in browsing through the website. With jQuery Tool-tips you cannot only inform your users about their invalid input while they are filling out an online form but also make the navigation and interaction of your website more interesting for the users.
Here is the roundup of some most useful jQuery Tool-tips plugins along with some helpful tutorials on creating Tool-tips for your website. Enjoy!

jQuery AJAX Plugin

Coda Popup Bubbles

Pop! Simple Pop Menus with jQuery

Build a Better Tooltip with jQuery Awesomeness

qTip Tooltip Plugin



Simple Tooltip Powered by jQuery

jTip Tooltip Plugin

ProtoTip 2

Digg Style Post Sharing Tooltip with jQuery

Orbital Tooltip

jQuery Tooltip – Tooltips done right

jQuery plugin EZPZ Tooltip


jQuery ClueTip Plugin

Easy Tooltip – jQuery Plugin

jQuery (mb)Tooltip 1.6

Creating A Simple Tooltip Using jQuery and CSS

Create a Simple CSS + Javascript Tooltip with jQuery

Rollovers and tooltips with jQuery



Poshy Tip

Cute Balloon

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