15 Excellent WordPress SEO Plugins

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One of the reasons of WordPress popularity is its SEO friendly features that make it quite easy to optimize web content for different search engines. This is the main reason why tons of people are now choosing WordPress as their favorite tool to publish content on the net.
In this post, we have featured 15 exceptional SEO plugins for WordPress that you must have. We hope that these plugins will help you making your publishing and optimizing task bit easier.

SEO Rank Reporter

Useful jQuery Tooltip Plugins and Tutorials for Your Design

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Although there are many ways to enhance user experience and usability of a website but out of them jQuery Tool-tips really stands out. jQuery Tool-tips quickly furnishes useful information, clues and tips that help the users in browsing through the website. With jQuery Tool-tips you cannot only inform your users about their invalid input while they are filling out an online form but also make the navigation and interaction of your website more interesting for the users.
Here is the roundup of some most useful jQuery Tool-tips plugins along with some helpful tutorials on creating Tool-tips for your website. Enjoy!

jQuery AJAX Plugin

30 WordPress plugins To Enhance Your Comments

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Comment section not only creates valuable discussion but also let you improve the SEO ranking of your blog. Beside the blog post content, it allows the visitors to add fresh and unique content in the form of their comments.
WordPress plugins are there to help you improve the comment section of your blogs and websites. In this article, we are featuring more than 45 exceptional WordPress plugins that not only enhance your comment section but will also help in improving the ranking as well.


The Art of Negative Space By Tang Yau Hoong

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In this post we have gathered some of outstanding Negative Space Artworks by Tang Yau Hoong, he is a very talented graphic artist, designer, and illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who loves simplistic design. Enjoy the inspiration!

Beware of Those Hands

Dolphin: The World’s Most Advanced Free Community Software

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Dolphin is a classy mixture of different scripts, servers and apps. It is an open-source and free software package that you can easily customize in order to build social networks, dating websites and other communities. Here you can download different social networking templates, dating scripts, PHP community scripts, Flash plugins, Adobe AIR and Mobile apps.

30 Useful Apple Inspired Tutorials

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One of the reasons of growing popularity of Apple products is the way Apple introduces its products in the market. Apple products such as iPad, iMac, iPhone inspire majority of the designers with their elegance and style.
Keeping this in mind, we have composed this post where we are featuring 30 great and overwhelming tutorials related to Apple. Hope this post will inspire you. Enjoy!

Apple in Disguise Photo Manipulation

Futuristic Phones We Wish Were Real

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Mobile phone industry is the most rapidly growing industry that we have seen in the last decade. Few years back the popular cell phone was Nokia 3310 with simple basic functions only but the things are changed since then. Now we have smart phones in our hands that have changed our lives.
This is the point where human mind thinks what will be the next now? How much cell phones will be evolved in the next 10 years. Let us take a look at some futuristic cell phones that you wish will become real soon. J Enjoy!

BlackBerry Empathy Concept

Useful Icon Sets for Minimal Style Web Design

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Minimal web design demands lots of hard work and a creative approach to create all-encompassing effect by using the least possible elements. The choice of right style of icon set that matches with the design is extremely crucial for a minimal web design. Furthermore, icon set must possesses neat layout, modest use of color and few design elements.
Since designing such icons requires lots of time, it always makes sense to find out some icon sets on the net rather than creating your own.
Here are some of the most excellent icon sets for this type of design style. Hope, you will like it.

Mnml Icon Set

Fresh Detailed Drawing Tutorials for Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator is another powerful tool for the designing fraternity. However from first hand experience, it may seem a little bit nerve-racking and frightening. It may seem as extremely difficult and complex software to use but in actual is very simple.
Here we have gathered some useful Adobe Illustrator tutorials that help you learn the techniques which will eventually enable you to create exactly what you see in the tutorial.

How to Create a Vector Snake

Useful Online Project Management Apps for Your Business

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Every business needs some tools and applications to manage its operation effectively. Since over the past few years, many businesses had moved to the online world, businessmen need resources and tools that they can find out online.
In this post, we have assembled a list of Project Management Apps that are entailed to save you time and get ahead of all activities occurring in your business or projects. Have a look and do let us know which app you find most useful for your business?