30 Creative Designed Single Letter Logos

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What makes a business or a website unique from others, and sets it apart from the crowd is its business logo for sure. This is one of the most essential things to be looked at the time of starting a business.
Logos can be different; starting with only the name of the company printed with a special font, or a detailed icon that symbolizes the business in a more detailed way. Nevertheless as the design of the logo is truly essential, one of the most flourishing techniques is to apply single-letter logos. These not only are easy to remember but also are appealing to the crowd and can actually make it easier for you to get recognized.
Hopefully you will enjoy these logos and will tell us the best logo by leaving comments in the comment section.


20 Free and High Quality Mobile Phone GUI PSD

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In this roundup, we are bringing together a collection of some useful and high quality PSD files for mobile phone graphical user interfaces (GUI). Among all the resources for designing, PSD files are truthfully incredible and unique resources. Not only PSD files present the natural endowment of the artist, but they also offer the opportunity to grasp deeper and find out how they were produced. They furnish you the opportunity to learn, not like tutorials that are step-by-step guide. With a PSD file you roll your sleeves and you get your hands dirty delving into its inner workings.
Let us take a look at this collection that showcases highly detailed and highest quality PSD files for mobile phone GUI. Enjoy!

HTC Eris Smartphone

Awesome Photography, Illustrations and Art by Justin Maller

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Justin Maller is a talented illustrator and art director working as a freelancer and based in Melbourne, Australia. Today, we are sharing some of his excellent and exceptional Photography, Illustrations and Art work that will definitely mesmerize you.
Justin Maller has been making digital art for more than eight years, and has developed proficiently in both a private and studio based faculty for the last three years. He is presented by Jeremy Wortsman of the Jacky Winter Group. Justin has the satisfaction of creating illustrations and concept art for a various array of companies and publications all over the world, and he takes pleasure in a friendly collaborative relationship with more than a few prestigious international design studios. Let us take a look at his masterpieces.


Outstanding Text Effects Tutorials in Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator is a powerful designing tool that if used accurately and efficiently can carry out accomplishments that humans will marvel at! With Adobe Illustrator, you can create fluffy, sketchy, animated, viscous, smooth, shiny, retro and futuristic effects.
For today’s session, we bring a collection of some amazingly designed tutorials that will demonstrate you how to generate breathtaking typographic effects in Illustrator, step by step. Some of these tutorials entail the use of Photoshop for better-quality results and fine details.
With the tutorials presented below, you’ll discover how to generate these typographic masterworks and develop the expertise to apply them to your own individual creations.

Tron Legacy Tutorial

30 Clean And Efficient Website Designs

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There are some website designs that you just cannot stop starring at. This is because the design of the website as a whole creates a visually compelling effect that always grabs the attention of the onlookers. Furthermore, the navigation of such website usually is very clean and efficient that makes these websites an eye candy.
Clean website designs have always been valued on behalf of being easy to read and interact with because you will not be crowded by different types of design elements rather such websites only possess necessary elements. By saying clean websites here, I do not mean minimalist website rather simple yet efficient websites with complete functionality.
In this post, we have presented a collection of 30 clean website designs that you can take as an example.

Made by Tim

40 Fresh And Useful Adobe Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials

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Adobe Illustrator is a great tool for the designers as well as for the developers, helping them on their way to achieve better results. These days with the loads of information and knowledge being burst out daily, everything is now available at your fingertips. Therefore, learning new techniques and skills has become so easy as you can find everything on the net. For this purpose, tutorials are the best option.
In this roundup, we have gathered a 40 Fresh and Useful Adobe Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials for you. The tutorials are prepared by proficient artists and discuss the techniques in depth. Enjoy!

How to Make a Detailed Printer Icon

50 Super Amazing Realistic CG Portraits

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In this collection, we are featuring an assortment of 50 astonishingly realistic CG portraits for your inspiration. We have compiled this post for the artwork lovers. 3-D computer graphics also known as CG art is able of generating the most attention grabbing and hard to believe effects, and that’s why we love it. The degree to which 3-D CG art work can imitate human characteristics is purely incredible. It can create graphic details that could without doubt be mistaken for live photography.
In this post, we have sought after truthfully extraordinary artworks that reveal the implausible rendering power of CG. Take a look at these portraits and see for yourself how inspiring they are. Here is the full list. Enjoy!


10 Fun & Clever Examples of HTML5

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HTML5 is there as the new set standard for the world of web. Although we have previously posted some cool roundups related to HTML5 and the websites that have been developed using HTML5, but this time we thought to bring something interesting into your notice.
This post features some smart examples of HTML5 that are a bit out there on the edges. These examples demonstrate what you can achieve with HTML5. Some of these examples reveal a wholehearted use of design giving some new native abilities.

Agent 8-Ball

30 Beautifully Designed Single Page Websites

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Single page websites being simple and easy to understand are getting very popular. The navigation is extremely user-friendly as the website consists of only one page that makes the movement over the website sleek. Single page websites would be ideal choice for portfolios and online applications and even for those who just want to create a temporary page to collect email addresses.
The actual advantage of single page website is that your visitors will only be one or two page scrolls or clicks away from what you want to know. Furthermore, possessing only one page to play with entails that visitors are much less expected to get mislaid because of complicated navigation menu. Some other benefits include reduced bandwidth and you are capable to fly your own kite.
In this collection, we are sharing 30 marvelously designed single page websites for your motivation. We truly hope that these examples would help you to tinker your imaginative side of the mind.


30 Beautiful Photographs from National Geographic

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National Geographic is a great prominent resource for nature photographs, for animals or underwater, travel and more of these kinds.
Here in this post we have gathered a brilliant variety of 30 astounding photographs form National Geographic archives. Many of photographs are really inspirational and give different look with all of stunning admirations. We hope that you will enjoy them at all.

Bathing Tigress, India