30 Fresh and Free Icon Sets for Designers and Developers

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Icons though are very small in size but are the crucial element of any web page or application. A noteworthy and appealing icon not only attracts the target audience but also will influence the buying decision. Some designers put loads of emphasis in designing icon sets with a strong call to action mode, so that they can make the audience take the action that a webmaster wanted them to take.
Here we are showcasing a collection of some cool and visually appealing icon sets that are totally free for you to use. I am sure you must want to check them out. Here is the full list after this jump. You can click on the image if you want to be redirected to the original website you can download the icons from.

Handy Icons

Business user icon

18 vector web icons

Wooden Social: Free Icon Set

Book iPhone app icon

Artist Tools


Social iCons

iPhone Icon

Cloud Icon

Social Buttons

Mini Clouds Set

Lens Icon PSD

Socialize Part 4 Icon Set

Pace Icon Set

Payment Icon Set

E-Commerce Icon Set

Mobile Icon Set

Cute Blogging Icon Set


Cloud icon

Computer monitor icon

20 Minimal ecommerce icons

Lock icon

Character Icons

All Country Flag Icons

Pretty Office 2 Icons

The Lost Props Icons

File Type Icons

Pretty Office 7 Icons

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