Awesome Photos of the Lego World

LEGO is the most fun loving thing every child has in his childhood. In this post, we are featuring some of these LEGO figures photographed in the nicest possible way. The collection that we are sharing here was photographed in rain, snow, sun and in the dark.
Among all the LEGO figures in the world, star wars are the most extensively seen perhaps due to their recognition with geeks or possibly merely because they are so amazingly cool to take a look at.

Snowtrooper Prank Victim

Darth Vader Staying Alive

Damn it, Marcus! This ain’t the map of Nepal

The Tatooine Sunset

Smoky Closeup Stormtrooper

The DARK SIDE Sandtrooper Magazine Cover

Stormtroopers in Motion

Stormtrooper with blaster

Rainy Clonetrooper Custom Helmet

Three Stormtroopers with Blasters

A Sandtrooper Portrait

Boba Fett’s Wonderful Return

C-3PO Meets the Stormtroopers


Stopped by police

Hand Of God

U.S. Army Fire Team

Tiananmen Square

We have a problem


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