50 Super Amazing Realistic CG Portraits

In this collection, we are featuring an assortment of 50 astonishingly realistic CG portraits for your inspiration. We have compiled this post for the artwork lovers. 3-D computer graphics also known as CG art is able of generating the most attention grabbing and hard to believe effects, and that’s why we love it. The degree to which 3-D CG art work can imitate human characteristics is purely incredible. It can create graphic details that could without doubt be mistaken for live photography.
In this post, we have sought after truthfully extraordinary artworks that reveal the implausible rendering power of CG. Take a look at these portraits and see for yourself how inspiring they are. Here is the full list. Enjoy!


Do you want fries with that?

The Boxer

Last Elf

Charging Kudu

Old Samurai

John Locke – LOST

FATJON’s performance

Sean Connery


Allan Kardec

The last move

Young girl

a commander

Digital portrait

The Final Battle

God’s Mastiffs


Cross of iron

Starfleet Officer

Sky Captain

African Bust

Sheikh Zayed


A woman in the studio

Chuck Close

self Portrait

sad woman

A portrait

The portrait



Mold face

Old Man

Fisherman in Town

JP Girl,Yuki


Gangsta game character

Song Hye Kyo

Old Lamp




A Photograph

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