30 Really Stunning Apple iPad Wallpapers

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Millions of users all over the world are already using iPad. The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed by Apple Inc. Initially, it was introduced as a podium for audio-visual media consisting of books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content.
iPads are constantly commercialized as being lighter, thinner and faster. The size of iPads lies in between smartphones and laptops, and are controlled by a multi-touch display.
I am confident every person out there would desire to add zing to their iPad background with some truly stunning wallpapers. So, here is the exciting compilation for you all. In this post, we are showcasing more than 40 dazzling and beautifully designed iPad Wallpapers for your Inspiration. Select the one you like and make it look more attractive.

Single Tree

30 Beautiful Geometry Based Graphic Design Illustrations

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Many students in schools and colleges have been tormented by geometry subject but this is one of the oldest mathematical sciences that has now adopted as a form of art. Geometry is a subject that has its purposes. One of the most outstanding functions of Geometry is in art and that can be observed throughout history on the work of different painters or sculptors.
Today, we decided to present some cool examples of Geometry Based graphic design illustrations that will surely inspire you. You will notice in this collection that geometry is still a cause, a theme or an addendum and it is used even if modern art is developed a lot from its predecessors. Cheerfully for us, the “art supporters”, these digital artworks are a result of every designer’s mind’s eye and they don’t look analogous to each other.

Geometry Design

25 Useful Free Mac Apps for Web Designers and Developers

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The Web designing has earned momentous popularity over the past few years and the core job of a web developer or a web designer is to develop websites and comprehensive content management systems that can support as well as promote the website.
Many web developers and designers these days are using free Mac applications that help them in achieving or completing any job done by the Photoshop. Furthermore, several premium and high quality plugins are also available apart from these applications that help designers and developers on their way to success.
The Seashore app comes with many useful tools for layers, textures, gradients, and drawing. Similarly, The Live Quartz is a Mac interface application that holds the regular drawing tools and even complex designs could be produced by means of this application. After that the Adobe Browserlab, Avaya, MAMP, Firebug, Simple CSS, Inkscape, Kompozer, Scribus, Virtualbox, Textwrangler and Seamonkey are some important apps.


Awesome Photos of the Lego World

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LEGO is the most fun loving thing every child has in his childhood. In this post, we are featuring some of these LEGO figures photographed in the nicest possible way. The collection that we are sharing here was photographed in rain, snow, sun and in the dark.
Among all the LEGO figures in the world, star wars are the most extensively seen perhaps due to their recognition with geeks or possibly merely because they are so amazingly cool to take a look at.

Snowtrooper Prank Victim

Showcase of Creative Typography Portraits

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Typography is a fundamental component of any design, be it web design or print design. For that reason, an eye catching web design or even a logo design is not complete without the satisfactory typography. Typeface or typography holds a crucial role in the success or failure of any design.
In today’s post we have gathered some artworks that reveal the right use of typography in a completely different viewpoint. You are required to o have a look at this one!
Here is the dazzling compilation of some extremely attractive typographic portraits that will certainly motivate you. We hope that you enjoy this assortment and will feel free to drop us a comment letting us know which one is your favorite!

Redemption Song-Bob Marley

23 Striking Photographs Taken in White

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Color white represents peace and prosperity and it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful colors in the color palette. This is the color that soothes our eyes and gives them a pleasant feeling but when it comes to photography, white is the hardest color to capture in a photograph.
A completely white subject can just messes up your photographs even if you are not experienced enough to distinguish how to bend contrast and brightness to the extremely excellence. It is very intricate to separate a range of tones in an all white photograph and only a proficient and skilled photographer is acquainted with the art of it.
We have prepared an extremely excellent collection of the tremendously best photographs taken in all white. These photographs are undoubtedly exceptionally hard to capture and provide you a very apparent idea of how much work moved into honing each of the photographs.

Beautiful Horse

30 Inspiring Examples of Contact Forms

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In any web design, contact forms or contact us pages play a very crucial role. Contact us pages or contact forms are the mandatory part of any website based on how web developers choose to make their contact forms or contact pages available for the visitors. The contact form or page is essentially the part where you permit your visitors or clients to contact you, get in touch with you and to hire you for their project. Therefore, designing an easy to use and understand contact form is important for your online business success.
For today’s session, we have gathered some great examples of how websites are presenting their contact sections, contact forms and contact us pages. From colored letters forms to fresh and simple contact information, you will go through several inspirational examples of how to present your contact information.


30 Fresh and Free Icon Sets for Designers and Developers

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Icons though are very small in size but are the crucial element of any web page or application. A noteworthy and appealing icon not only attracts the target audience but also will influence the buying decision. Some designers put loads of emphasis in designing icon sets with a strong call to action mode, so that they can make the audience take the action that a webmaster wanted them to take.
Here we are showcasing a collection of some cool and visually appealing icon sets that are totally free for you to use. I am sure you must want to check them out. Here is the full list after this jump. You can click on the image if you want to be redirected to the original website you can download the icons from.

Handy Icons

30 Amazing Surreal Photo Manipulation

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This post features 30 amazing artworks of Surreal photo manipulation which portray the imagination of the designers. As with any Surreal photo, these manipulated photos are also very captivating. inspirational designs related to Nike. matter whether the photos are pleasing or not, they stand out because they have been manipulated to be out of the normal.
Without any further delay, we present the complete list of 30 amazingly manipulated surreal photos that will for sure pull you out of the box. Feel free to share your comments. Your comments are always more than welcome!