30 Superb Logo Design Galleries for your Inspiration

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A logo design is the visual representation of a company or organization and it symbolizes the values the company works up on. The way a logo design presents the brand image, nothing else can do that. Therefore for the companies getting their logo designed correct is the most important thing.
Designing an apposite and pertinent logo design is also a challenge for the designer as well as he needs to incorporate the eminence of the organization with the logo to be designed.
Getting some inspiration before starting to design the logo makes this difficult job somewhat easier. Therefore, we have come up with a collection of 30 logo design inspiration galleries for you. Enjoy!

Logo Pond

Showcase of Most Beautiful Birds Photography

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Here we are sharing another exciting collection of Bird photography that is one of the trendiest and well-accepted genres of nature photography. This is because of the reason that birding itself is the world’s most favorite and most popular pastime. Birds are blessed with the ability to fly and they spend their lifetime in enjoying what they are.
Here we have gathered a collection of some beautiful and most beautiful birds’ photography that demonstrates the adventure and thrill of flying high in the sky. These photographs have been taken by the professional photographers. You will notice how a photographer captures persuasive avian images. Let us have a look and enjoy!


15 Useful Batch Image Processors

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Today, we have come up with an assortment of 15 tools and techniques for converting images and documents. Sometimes, converting images and even files by hand become a nerve racking process yet sometimes clients send us files in formats that cannot be used directly on website or projects; and under such circumstances we always need some sort of tool that can easily convert that file into our desirable format so that we can use it.
With Batch processing, now you easily convert, resize and manipulate your images and document files. There are some more tools available out there that make performing these batch processes nearly painless. So, choose the most efficient tool that will do what you want to accomplish.
Let us start with image processing; I am pretty much sure that many designers prefer to use Photoshop for that purpose but what if you only need to resize a dozen of images? Then it will be more like an overkill. So, below we are presenting some tools and techniques that will let you batch process a variety of tasks without any pain. So, take out some time and research each one in order to pick the best one for your task.

Rename Master

16 Awesome All-time WordPress SEO Plugins

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A website is dead without SEO. The process of Search Engine Optimization gives life to a website. WordPress is a wonderful and easy to use blogging tool that is being used all over the world. With the recent tie-up of windows live and wordpress.com, the number of wordpress blog users is greatly increased. According to the WordPress blog the number of user joining wordpress.com has been doubled from around 400000 to over 900000 per month after this tie-up.
The reason is its features and easy to use interface. Every blogger wants its blog to rank higher in the search engine page results (SEPR) and attract more visitors while avoiding spammers. For this purpose, they need to do some effective SEO for their blogs. SEO plugins help you in doing such wonders for your blogs.
Here we are sharing a collection of some SEO plugins that we think will be best for your blog. Enjoy!

Google XML Sitemaps

30 Stunning Examples of Morning Dew Photography

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In this post, we are featuring a collection of some most beautiful Dew Drop Photography that is one of the most fine-looking types of photography. Taking pictures of the dew drops has its own charisma. The photographers capture those attractive little water drops on the top of grass, flowers and leaves that will simply take your breath away.
The charisma of dew drops especially in the morning time has its own story to tell. The soothing feeling of the morning dew that gives you the feel as if soothing diamonds are touching your feet is simply miraculous. Photographing the morning dew bestows you a very delightful feel and enjoyment.
In this post, we have gathered some exceptional photographs of the morning dew that we can find on the internet. Enjoy!


Giveaway: Win over 60,000 design items from UltimateDesignerToolkit.com

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Today we are going to giveaway 3 member accounts on UltimateDesignerToolkit.com to webdesigncore.com readers. Each account cost 99$ and it will allow you to download our existing resources, and the next releases. UltimateDesignerToolkit.com consists of design resources like Photoshop brushes, vector files, PSD layouts, Photoshop actions and other design resources that may come in useful in your project.


20 Free Clean and White Minimal WordPress Themes

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WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform not only for the novices but also for the professionals. Many bloggers wish that their visitors pay attention to their content rather than getting tempted with the design only; and for that they use neat and clean minimal WordPress Themes that draw attention to the content area.
Minimal WordPress Themes put a stylish appeal in to your website and allow visitors to concentrate on the content as no more than the main subject gets highlighted in clean white minimal WordPress Themes.

The Essayist

Blue in Web Design 30 Inspiring Examples

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The color theme of a website plays an important role in giving the desired feel that you want your website to communicate. Color signifies specific characteristics and feelings that you want to portray through your website. Here, we are showcasing a collection of blue website designs.
Blue is the color of nature, the color of sky, the color of sea. Using blue in website design suggests a conservative and modern look in tandem with the right elements and typography. So, here is the collection for your inspiration, do not forget to share your comments.

Nissan USA

20 Creative Examples of Portrait Usage in Web Design

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Web designing is a vast field where every minute detail matters and contributes to creating your desired impact. Improving the website usability and its structure adds value to the way the content is displayed. In order to create visually appealing web design, web designers experiment with different elements to see the outcome such as using large background images portraits in web designs.
Here we are presenting 20 excellent examples of web designs that use the portraits to catch the attention of potential customers. Hope you’ll enjoy this collection.


Powerful Search Engines To Find Photos On Flickr

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Flickr is more or less undoubtedly the most excellent online photo management and sharing application in the world. Here, you can show off your much loved photos and videos to the world and can also show content to your friends and family very securely and confidentially.
In this collection, we have put together 5 most powerful search engines to find out photos on Flickr easily. I am sure you want to check them out. So without any further ado, here we present top 5 search engines that let you find photos on Flickr with just a few clicks. Let us take a close look at this list.

Tag Galaxy