20 Best Chrome Extensions For Everyone

Google has always been the leader in simplifying user experience of internet users either by introducing new algorithms that support user friendliness of a website or by releasing extensions to help internet users enjoy their browsing session.

In this session, we are bringing a collection of 20 awesome and extremely handy Chrome extensions that everyone would love to have. Google Chrome is the fastest growing and well accepted web browser among the users because it takes up less CPU usage as compared to Mozilla Firefox.
Furthermore, Chrome comes with built-in developer tools that make it incredibly handy and fast to use. Even though if you do not want to desert Firefox so far; make sure you give Google Chrome a try with these below mentioned terrific extensions. Enjoy!

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate


Proxy Switchy!

FeedSquares – Supercharge your Google Reader


Google Translate

Alexa Traffic Rank

Helper for Google+

+Photo Zoom

G+ Count in Title

Replies and more for Google+

Remember The Milk for Gmail


Turn Off the Lights

Instant Messaging Notifier

Web Clipboard

Screen Capture


IE Tab

Digg for Chrome


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