35 High Quality Free Fur Texture Sets

The word Fur is similar to hair however; it is frequently used to refer to animals’ hair particularly to those whose bodies are wrapped up with these hairs like material. Usually fur refers to the thick coat of soft smooth hair that covers the skin of a animal, for example a cat, dog, weasel etc.
In this assortment, we are featuring 35 amazing fur textures that you can apply in your next project. Furs are apparently very elegant and classy and their designs can be applied anyplace and all over. Take a look at this collection and feel your opinion via comment section below.

Seamless Fur Textures

Hi Res Textures Stuffed Fur

Fur Textures Pack

Fur Textures

Textures Fur

Fur Textures Pack

Fur Textures Pack 2


Fur Texture pack 02

Fur cat 2

Fur Texture 3

Fur Textures 01

Fur Texture 7

Fur Texture 10

Fur Texture 4

Fur Texture 8

Fur Textures 04

Fur Texture 6

Fur Texture 9

Cat Fur Texture 3

Golden Retriever Fur Texture

Red Retreiver Dog Fur Texture

Lynx Fur Texture

Soft furlike material

Soft furry toy


Coarse hair

Rabbit fur

Fur Yellow Coarse

Fur Texture

Wet Puppet Fur

White fur

Fur Textures


Green Fur

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