30 Excellent Cinema 4D Tutorials and Best Practices

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CINEMA 4D is a popular 3-D application not only among matte painters in film production but also among the motion graphics artists. The main reason f its popularity is its Body Paint 3D functionality. Among other features that make this application a delightful experience are its outstanding integration with converting application channels, extraordinarily artist-friendly interface and customizable workflow. CINEMA 4D is used in the films such as Spiderman 3, Monster House, Chronicles of Narnia, Beowulf and Polar Express.
Today we are showcasing a collection of more than 30 excellent and tremendous Cinema 4D Tutorials and Best Practices that would be of great help for you when you start creating those amazing 3D graphics. Enjoy!

Making of Super Snail

Working with Procedurals

Modeling a car using blueprints

Making an hourglass

Creating a ball bearing using arrays

E Book Cover

Bulb Modelling Tutorial

Create 3D objects in Cinema 4D from vector art

3D Toys Animation

Create A Car Tyre Tutorial

Simple UFO Tutorial

Classy Glassy Balls

Cinema 4d Low Poly Gun Tutorial

Making of Portrait of a Silent Man

How to Create Explosive Typographic Effects in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Free Tutorials

Cinema 4D: Create an Abstract Armored Sphere Scene

Linear Workflow for Gamma Correct Lighting in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D: Model a Venus-styled Robot

Interior Glass Effect

Create A Basic Render Setup Using Cinema4D

Model A Wooden Chair In Cinema4D

Create a Lava-Ball Scene in Cinema4D

Making of: The Worm

Making of Compsognathus

Egg modeling tutorial

How to Create 3D Grass

Cinema 4D Diamonds Tutorial

Making a glass and a wine bottle with C4D

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