18 Advanced Photoshop Video Tutorials

Watching Photoshop video tutorial is the easiest way to grab the new skill or even to polish your skills. Tons of Photoshop tutorials are available online; some of them are exceptionally good while some are simply the waste of time. Here, we bring an amazing collection of 18 highly advanced Photoshop video tutorials to let you to learn precious techniques while having a good time. Enjoy!

Cool Dark Night Effect in Photoshop

Mystical Moonlight Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Fanedit.org basic cover art tutorial

Fairy dust tutorial

Photoshop Satin Cloth Tutorial

Create an iPhone in Photoshop

How to Create a Grunge Style Illustration with Stains

Photoshop CS5: Advanced Motion Blur Masking and Blending

Compositing and Selecting Hair in Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 – PatchMatch

Special techniques with Content-Aware Fill

Create realistic blood

Photoshop CS5 PatchMatch

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Puppet Warp Photoshop CS5

Sharpening locally and the whole photo

Masking Magic

JDI Features in Photoshop CS5

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