Beautiful Winter Wallpaper for Download

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We all love to decorate our desktop with beautiful and visually appealing wallpapers. Regardless of the season and our mood, we always change the desktop wallpaper that sometimes even reflects our inner feelings and mood. As the season changes, we tend to look for new and fresh wallpapers to decorate our screens with. If you are also looking for some great winter wallpaper collection then you’re in luck since there are lots of options from which you can choose one for you.
Here is the showcase of 30 astonishing winter photos that can be utilized for your wallpaper. If you spot something you like, click on the image and you will be led to the source where you can download the wallpaper.

Winter Batman

32 Most Strange and Unusual Buildings Around the World

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Buildings are the beautiful example of the architectural excellence they are designed with and there are tons of beautiful strange and fantastic buildings all over the world that fascinate our eyes. Such buildings can be considered as the examples of wonderful architecture. Architecture Photography gets this magnificence to the world, and that’s why, architectural photography is as exciting and thrilling as it is gratifying and heartwarming.
Today, we have gathered an interesting compilation of 32 most amazing and unusual or bizarre buildings that are reflected through architectural photography. We hope you like this collection and find something inspirational for you. Let us have a look at this collection. Enjoy!
Feel free to share your opinion via comments section below. Your comments are always more than welcome.

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Strange and Unusual Buildings Architecture

Lithuania, Kaunas, a bit strange building

25 Creative Websites Inspired by Nature

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We have previously posted several collections about different designs that are inspired by the nature and this collection also showcases some exceptional web designs that are also inspired by the nature. The reason why there are tons of designs available that are nature inspired is that nature is the greatest source of inspiration not only for the designers and artists but also for the ordinary man who has little interest in the art.
The arena of design has oodles of followers who generate works entirely inspired by nature. It is “in” to be environmentally-friendly and several appear to get this into their designs, be it web or other graphics.
In today’s article, we are presenting a hand picked collection of inspirational and truly beautiful websites that are all inspired by nature one way or another.

Lendl allen vtrazo

30 Free High-Quality Flash Web Templates

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Flash is the only thing that can never go out of fashion. No matter what you audience will definitely love a style template with flash. The main reason of such a huge acceptance and popularity of Flash is that it makes your website looks more animate, appealing, and also seems more proficient.
There are loads of flash templates available that you can easily get on the Internet which includes both free and paid versions. Now the question is which one to choose? For those who are more interested in trying out some kind of template, free templates will be the best option. And in this collection, we are presenting a handful example of flash templates for you that are all free. Enjoy!

Design Studio

15 Free Online Tools for Website Speed Testing

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As a web master, one should know how much website speed testing is important. One should be aware of the fact that internet users are extremely intolerant as soon as it comes to waiting for a web page to load. If a website loads fast, users have to wait the least, and odds are there that they browse the website in more detail. As a consequence, your website’s performance and capacity to deliver quickly is significant to its usability and, in the end, to its success.
With the intention of helping you build faster websites and recognize bothersome website performance blockages, consider integrating some of the following tools into your web development process. Here is the complete list. Enjoy.

Which loads faster?

30 Examples of Street Art and Graffiti Art

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With today’s collection, we aim to pay tribute to some of the best street art that will simply blow your mind away. Since an artist does not need any permission in order to display his talent and his imagination has no boundary. This is best evident through street art that is a perfect illustration of the above mentioned aspect in an artist. Even though this art type is unofficial yet no one can stop it from spreading out.
Not counting the reasons that gave origin to street art; the vividness, talent and originality of graffiti artists are unquestionable. Graffiti is special from commercial art which is painted for advertising aims. For several street artists, there is no motive other than individual expression. Several street artists, on the other hand, employ their art as a way to challenge the mainstream or raise political or social issues.


Showcase of Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

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Acknowledging the fact that the design and development community love to decorate their devices with stylish and classy wallpapers, we thought that it is the time to figure out some classy and attractive wallpapers for your classy devices. Since, iPhone 5 is making its way around the web, so we thought to put together a collection of iPhone wallpapers for you.
This collection is the fruit for our design community that is searching for some finest iPhone wallpapers. With this assortment, we tend to help our readers find out a new gem for their stylish iDevices.
The focus for this collection was both the work of some popular designers as well as some popular design blogs. So here is the full list. Enjoy!

Mind Tree

25 Free HTML5 and CSS Templates

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HTML5 describes the fifth key revision of the core language of the World Wide Web. With readily available and easy to use HTML5 and CSS templates resources, creating a professional and modern looking website is not a difficult task in this day and age.
The amount of understanding and practice composed at one place for front end developers is truly nerve-racking. By using these ready made and easy to use templates you will acquire new ideas additionally that you have not thought of until that time.
Ready-made HTML5 templates are presently one of the most preferred resources in the web design society. They not only present a rapid and easy to amend solution for constructing contemporary websites, but they also offer an incredible route to discover and identify with HTML5s syntax.
All of the themes below are free and all have been coded with HTML5. Enjoy them.

Real Estate Website

( Demo | Download )

A Showcase of Infrared Photography

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Today, we take you to get a tour of the world in a way that most never sees it. All the way through this surrealistic lens, the planet is transformed into an energetic and often magnificent landscape. In this collection, we are featuring some of the best infrared photography for your inspiration.
Well, in just about every problem solving circumstances, one tends to be ordered to think outside the box to get a solution. Fundamentally, it is all about of expecting us to see beyond the ordinary to discover the unexpected solution. One innovative field that seems to excel as a bonfire for taking this approach, and viewing the world in an extremely unusual way than the majority of us is photography. For instance, today showcase which looks into some great examples of eye-catching infrared photography which represent the standard and consequences of looking beyond the ordinary to get the extraordinary results. Enjoy!

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Summer at the Lakes II

Showcase of Nature Inspired Photo Manipulations

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Nature is truly the wonderful subject for photo manipulations because it is indeed visually attractive. This is the reason why it has been featured in scores of photo manipulation work. Bring to mind the four basic elements of nature, or else a stunning landscape, or a ferocious animal. All these things are products of nature, and all of them are visually attractive.
Designers who correctly integrate nature into your Photoshop work can create some truthfully incredible works. That’s why at present we’ve composed an assortment of astonishing photo manipulations based around the topic of nature to enthuse you. Each one of these works is stunning in its own right, however try to perceive repeating patterns among them. The majority of them have energetic colors, enormous lighting and a devoted sense of detail.

Extraordinary Island